Technique OneEdit

Heya guys, Ferfature here. Wanted to share a mining technique that has really helped me. Using this method I've found 2 single diamond strands, and a 3 diamond strand. It's pretty easy as well. Alright, lets get to the first step.

Well, that wasn't too hard now was it? So, keep doing that until you hit the bedrock, once you have it's time to start looking for diamonds. Lets check out our mining setup.That's all for it, if you have any questions post below and leave a signature, good luck to ya! Ferfature 11:07, April 27, 2012 (UTC)

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I almost fogot, use your first three diamonds to make a diamond pickaxe so you can collect obsidian and make a Nether Portal. It'll allow you to step up your game faster. Ferfature 13:49, April 27, 2012 (UTC)

Technique TwoEdit

Welp, Ferfature again with another technique for mining, this isn't really specifically diamond-finding stuff, but it can help when you're using the technique above, as well when you're mining normally. So, lets get started. So you're just "mining" your own business when you break a block, and there it is. Your best friend, lava. Ok well that stinks. Good thing you carry a bukkit of water everywhere you go. *pour water*

So now that we got rid of the lava, we look around and realise, there's more. To simplify things up, pick that water back up, and pour it on the other lava.

So then you can keep exploring through your little cavern you've discovered, and look for resources. I got redstone, iron, coal, lapis lazul, and was lucky enough for....

I was some lucky duck when I saw those, and just from exploring those little useless pits of lava. I opened up a HUGE cave system, and found another little bed of lava not to far from it. So, I got lucky and found a string of 6 diamonds, but the question is, when will you? :P So get out there and try these out! Perservere, don't let your spirits get down, and post your findings in a reply underneath this section! Ferfature 13:39, April 27, 2012 (UTC)

Technique ThreeEdit

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